Thank you for joining us at SF Design Week!

We had a blast showcasing VR experiences created by the Bay Area community including Nonfiction, Kuth Ranieri, One Hat One Hand, and Studio12.

Reification, Logo Small
Reification, Logo

The ReVision Service

Industrial facilities and commercial real estate projects are designed and built with 2D tools that don’t fit our 3D world. ReVision by Reification is a real-time collaborative platform that transforms how teams approach large-scale design and development. Now you can solve problems before they become physical, take clients and stakeholders onsite without the need to travel, and explore your building within its environment.


ReVision bridges physical and virtual spaces, merging virtual and augmented reality systems as well as 2D desktop displays. Now you can explore not just the building, but the surrounding physical landscape. Move the sun in the sky and experience how it feels to be in a place.


Collaboration is a challenge for many teams working with 3D environments. ReVision makes real-time collaboration easy with voice chat, notes, annotations, and seamless linking between physical objects and project data – for remote collaboration or co-presence in person.


Unlike other collaborative design platforms, ReVision is designed with your privacy in mind. Not only does it feature full encryption and blockchain-powered smart contracts, it can also be deployed and run on your own private server.

Our Team

Reification brings together pioneers from the worlds of artificial intelligence, VR/AR, and holistic design. Our mission is to bring people closer together in virtual worlds so that they can make the physical world a more beautiful place to live.
Keith Mertens
Co-Founder & CEO
Gabriel Hare
Co-Founder & CTO
Benn Herrera
Software Architect
Summer Softleigh
UX/UI/Networking Programmer
Jordan Coffey

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