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ReVision is a software service that takes your 3D content and creates immersive multi-user experiences. This allows designers to communicate their work broadly by bringing down barriers to entry and allowing their diverse set of stakeholders to become involved early in the process.  

These designs can be experienced by multiple users concurrently either in person or remotely, using a computer or a virtual reality headset.

For this year’s Virtual Design Week, has teamed up with four Bay Area Based companies; Nonfiction, Kuth Ranieri, One Hat One Hand and Studio 12 to create four unique VR experiences.




Gabriel Hare

Gabriel received his PhD in Physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2011. While at UCSC, he worked at CERN to help set up the ATLAS detector and collect its first measurements. From there, Gabriel joined Leap Motion, starting out in mathematical research and development. During his time at Leap Motion he led several key efforts, including data analytics and front-end application development. Propelled by the issues of data ownership and closed vs. open hardware platforms, Gabriel co-founded Reification to develop a cross-platform collaborative solution that would bridge the gaps between people while keeping their data in their hands.

Keith Mertens

Keith started his career in academics. After receiving his PhD in Mathematics from Colorado State University in 2008, he moved on to help build and manage the Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. From there, he moved to the Bay Area to join Leap Motion in 2012. Over time Keith grew to lead their engineering efforts, including the launch of the Leap Motion Controller. He eventually became the VP of Engineering in 2014. In 2016, Keith joined in co-founding Reification, which provides a platform enabling cross-platform XR applications for efficient communication during the design, review, and sales of conceptual 3D spaces, such as architectural designs, real estate landscapes, and construction sites.

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